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Weekend Room Declutter Challenge


Take control of the clutter in your home and never feel stressed about it again!

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Is clutter stressing you out? Does being in your own home make you anxious because of the amount of “stuff” that’s around? Do you want to organize but feel paralyzed?

The good news? You can fix it – in a weekend!

The Weekend Room Declutter Challenge is your guide to clearing the clutter room by room so that your home feels clean, relaxing, and organized.

You’ll learn the easy-to-implement steps in six quick modules:

  • The Ins & Outs of Clutter
  • Getting Ready
  • Go!
  • Dealing with Donations
  • Organizing the Keepers
  • Keeping it Tidy!

Each lesson will include:

  • a short video (less than 5 minutes long)
  • written instructions
  • membership in the private Weekend Room Declutter Challenge Group

The system can be implemented over and over again to help you clear the clutter in every room in your house!




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