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How to Clean Your Room: A Kid’s 7-Step Guide to Cleaning

Not sure how to clean your room? We have a super easy, 7-step guide to clean your room fast!

How to Clean Your Room - A Kids' Guide to Cleaning Your Bedroom -

How many times have you said to your kids, “Clean your room!” and been met with a list of excuses about how they don’t know how to, and it’s too hard.

Or the kids have “cleaned” their room, but it was far from the result you were hoping for.

With our seven easy steps to cleaning your room, kids can get the job done the right way without it turning into a multi-day project that mom ends up finishing!

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How to Clean Your Room - A Kids' 7-Step Guide to Cleaning -

A Kid’s Guide on How to Clean Your Room

Step 1: Get Ready

Turn up the music, gather supplies you’ll need like paper towels, trash bags, furniture polish, a broom or vacuum, and glass cleaner. If you have everything at hand, you won’t have to go hunting later and risk distraction.

Step 2: Make Your Bed

Strip the sheets off of the bed and put on clean ones. Tidy up your blankets and pillows. A made-up bed gives your room a polished look, and it will be tempting to skip it if you save it for last.

Step 3: Clean Up Clothes

Take dirty clothes to the laundry room and fold and put away any clean clothes that are lying around. Check your closet to make sure that everything there is properly on hangers or folded on the shelves, as needed. If clothes are on the floor, pick them up and rehang or fold them.

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A Kid's Guide to Cleaning Your Room with Free Printable Checklist   -

Step 4: Pick Up Toys

Be sure to put toys away in the places where they belong. Check that pieces to games or puzzles are put into the correct box, and playsets with multiple pieces are kept together. You’ll be glad you did when you look for them later!

Step 5: Clean Up Other Items

Pick up any trash and throw it away. Return your books to their proper shelves. If you have dishes, cups, or silverware in your room, make sure that they are returned to the kitchen and put in the sink or dishwasher. If you find items belonging to other family members while you’re picking up, take them to their proper place.

How to Clean Your Room -

Step 6: Wipe Down Surfaces

Grab a rag or some paper towels and wipe down desks, dressers, and other surfaces in your room. If those are disorganized, be sure to neaten things up after you’ve wiped off all the dust, dirt, and spills. Don’t forget to wipe off the windows and mirrors, and use a screen cleaner on any TVs or computer monitors.

Step 7: Sweep or Vacuum the Floor

Finish the job by sweeping or vacuuming your bedroom floor. Be careful to get all of the corners, and under the furniture as best you can reach!

How to Clean Your Room in 7 Easy Steps -

How to Clean Your Room Fast!

When you break down what seems like a big job into a few easy steps, cleaning your room is not as hard as you think! Just work down the list, and you’ll be done in no time.

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You’ll have a clean, enjoyable place to spend time, a neat and tidy bed to sleep in, and most importantly, you’ll have parents who are thrilled with your hard work and a job well done!

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