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How To Organize A Toy Room

Take a look at some of these ideas for playroom organization.

Organizing a toy room may seem like a useless endeavor when considering the endless cycle of clean, messy, clean, messy.  However, having a playroom that is orderly can maximize toy time fun for everyone while minimizing toy clutter at the same time!  A tidy space with room to play encourages children to imagine, create, learn, and grow!

Let’s explore different toy room ideas to organize your space.

How to Organize a Toy Room

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Playroom Organization


Take stock of all the toys, books, and games in the toy room.  Go through and trash or recycle those toys that are cracked, broken, or damaged.  Donate items that are still in good condition, but have maybe been forgotten, outgrown, or are just not liked anymore.  What remains is what will need to be coordinated and organized.  

Bins, Baskets, and Clear Containers

Storing similar toys in the same bin lessens the likelihood of a massive mess.  Clear containers are another great idea, as it gives children a way to see what’s inside without dumping everything on the floor.  Bins, baskets, and containers are the perfect storage options for keeping toys of all sizes organized.  In addition, toys with a lot of small pieces, like LEGOs and Kinex, can be kept together in one place.

Label, Label, Label

To further help little ones easily find what they are looking for, consider labeling the containers.  Write down what’s in the box if the kids are old enough to read, or you can even affix a picture on the outside that identifies the contents.  Using labels that are removable or easily changeable is encouraged, as it can give your containers the option to be reused many times over the years.  

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Designate Areas

Create spaces within the room that promote specific types of discovery.  Provide children with a book nook that serves as both a library for book storage, as well as, a comfortable place to read.  Designate a performance area for imaginative play that boasts a stage with curtains, a dressing area with costumes, or maybe even, a small theater for a puppet show.  Designated areas are a perfect option for taking advantage of corner spaces in a room. 

How to Organize a Toy Room

Keep It Kid Friendly

Select organization pieces that are kid-friendly.  Children should be able to safely access their toys for easy picking and for putting them away.  Keep bigger toys and bins should on the floor.  In addition, secure cabinets, shelves, and freestanding furniture to the wall using furniture anchors.  The most ideal storage options for a toy room are short and open shelves and cabinets.

Encourage Cleanup

With the playroom organized, you’ll want to keep it that way.  Have the kids help by turning cleanup time into a game.  Some ideas to get children excited about putting away their toys include games like pick up by color, race against time, toy counting, or clean up with music.  Making it fun increases the likelihood that little ones will begin to pick up after themselves on their own.  This will also teach children how to be independent, responsible, and organized!

How to Organize a Toy Room

Organizing a Toy Room

You are now on your way to organizing a playroom for kids!  With these amazing ideas for how to organize a toy room, playtime can be good, clean fun for everyone!

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