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Organizing Toys on a Budget

Organizing toys on a budget can be a tricky task! Good storage may seem hard to come by but we have some easy and practical tips and tricks for helping you get the toy clutter under control!

Organizing Toys on a Budget - #organizing #toyorganization #toys #clutter

Playrooms, family rooms, and toy rooms are often overflowing with toys, stuffed animals, books, and other assorted items that kids love. It can be tough to find ways to organize all of these beloved items without breaking the bank.

Here are some of our best ideas for organizing toys on a budget. You can use them around your own home or as inspiration when you’re navigating the minefield of toys in your children’s bedrooms!

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How to Organize Toys on a Budget - #organizing #toys #storage

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Dollar Store Ideas for Organizing Toys on a Budget

Laundry Baskets

Cheap laundry baskets from the dollar store are one of the simplest and most effective ways to organize toys on a budget. The baskets with larger holes and handles can be used in the bathroom to hold tub toys (think easy drainage!). More standard size laundry baskets work great in kids’ rooms to hold items that are larger than the holes in the sides.

Hanging Closet Organizers

Hanging closet organizers aren’t just for stacking jeans and sweaters! Use them to create a unique storage space for board games, books, and other flat, stackable items. They can easily hang in the closet or even from a hook in the ceiling to create more space.

Shoe Organizers

Over-the-door shoe organizers provide perfect storage for smaller items like dolls, action figures, toy cars, and more. Plus, if you use the clear organizers, kids can easily see everything at once as they’re deciding what to play with.

Make sure the organizer is securely fastened to the door and that most commonly used items are at your children’s eye level and below.

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Toy Organizing Ideas Using Recycled Items

Baby Wipes Tubs

Even though my kids have long since outgrown wipes, I still buy them for easy clean-ups and, of course, for the perfect containers! Anyone who has ever used baby wipes in a hard-sided container knows that they make great storage bins for small items.

Turn an empty container into a DIY art supply box, LEGO storage bin, or a catchall for those smaller toys that always get lost at the bottom of the toy box.

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Cereal Boxes

Cover empty cereal boxes with Washi tape or Contact paper and them together to make an organizing space for books, coloring books, and paper. These impromptu homemade organizers are a perfect solution for organizing toys and paper on a budget!

Crib Rails

The rails taken off a convertible crib don’t have to collect dust in the attic – put them to use when organizing! They can make a fun display and storage space for a plethora of stuffed animals or a perfect rack for hanging baskets to store toys.

Always make sure that any hardware that can scratch walls or injure little ones is removed before using as a toy storage solution!

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Inexpensive Finds for Organizing Toys on a Budget

Corner Hammock

Net or mesh corner hammocks are a favorite for organizing toys on a budget. They are a great way to get stuffed toys out of the way or can be used for other lightweight toys that need a home off the floor.

“Bean Bag” Chairs

Have some stuffed animal friends that just aren’t fit for public viewing but that the kids aren’t ready to give up yet? Try one of these inexpensive bean bag chairs that hide them away while providing a comfy place for kids to relax and read in their bedrooms.

Rope Storage Baskets

Large rope handled baskets are an attractive and inexpensive way to store toys that can be reused as they get older to store sports equipment. They can also be used as laundry baskets and outdoor storage as well. There are a ton of colors and sizes available so you can find just what you need.

Organizing Toys on a Budget - Yes, It's Possible! -

Organizing Toys on a Budget is Possible!

Organizing toys on a budget is completely doable when you think outside the box. Don’t be afraid to repurpose materials and look in discount stores to find the storage solutions that work best for your home and family.

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