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25+ Ideas for What to Do With Old Christmas Cards

Love the Christmas cards you get but hate throwing them away at the end of the season? Discover more than 25 creative ideas for old Christmas cards!

25+ Ideas for What to Do With Old Christmas Cards

With the holiday season in full swing, you may find yourself with a pile of Christmas cards!

If you’re wondering what to do with them all, we have some innovative ideas for you.

First and foremost, do not throw them away! 

Instead, give those beautiful holiday greetings a new lease on life. 

Below are more than 25 creative ideas for old Christmas cards. 

From ornaments to puzzles, we’ve got something for everyone. 

Let’s get crafty!

25+ Ideas for What to Do With Old Christmas Cards

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How to Repurpose Old Greeting Cards

1. Make Festive Ornaments

Turn your old Christmas cards into beautiful ornaments. 

Cut out festive shapes, add a ribbon or string, and hang them on your tree. 

It’s a sentimental way to cherish memories.

2. Craft Greeting Card Garlands

String together cards to create colorful garlands. 

Hang them around your home for a unique and cheerful decoration.

3. Create Unique Gift Tags

Transform your old cards into personalized gift tags. 

Cut out small sections and add a hole for tying them to your gifts. 

This adds a personal touch to your presents.

25+ Ideas for What to Do With Old Christmas Cards

4. Transform Cards into Magnets

Make your fridge more festive by turning cards into magnets. 

Cut out favorite images or phrases and attach magnetic strips to the back.

5. Craft a Decorative Wreath

Fashion a Christmas wreath by cutting cards into colorful circles. 

Glue them onto a cardboard or foam wreath form for a unique holiday decoration.

6. Design Christmas Card Coasters

Protect your surfaces in style by making coasters from cards. 

Cut out circles, laminate them, and you’ve got charming coasters for your holiday beverages.

7. Make a DIY Puzzle

Turn cards into a fun and personalized puzzle. 

Simply glue an image onto cardboard, then cut it into pieces. 

This craft is perfect for kids and adults alike.

25+ Ideas for What to Do With Old Christmas Cards

8. Repurpose Cards as Bookmarks

Create custom bookmarks by cutting cards into long, narrow strips. 

Laminate them, and you’ll always have a little piece of holiday cheer with you while reading.

9. Craft a Christmas Card Collage

Gather a collection of cards and arrange them into a beautiful collage. 

Frame it for a unique and sentimental wall decoration.

10. Create a Memory Jar

Write down your favorite holiday memories on the back of the cards. 

Place them in a jar, and you have a cherished keepsake to revisit in the years to come.

11. Frame Your Favorite Cards

Pick out the most beautiful cards and frame them. 

Hang them on your wall as a gallery of holiday memories.

25+ Ideas for What to Do With Old Christmas Cards

12. Design Personalized Postcards

Cut cards into postcard-sized pieces.

Add a stamp and send holiday greetings to friends and family next year.

13. Craft a Card-Embellished Picture Frame

Make a holiday picture frame by gluing small card sections around the edges. 

This personalizes your photo frame and makes holiday memories even more special.

14. Craft a Holiday Scrapbook

Collect cards over the years and create a holiday scrapbook. 

Add photos and notes to document your celebrations.

15. Create Gift Boxes

Cut cards into templates for small gift boxes. 

It’s a creative way to present your holiday gifts.

16. Upcycle into Wall Art

Turn cards into beautiful wall art by framing different sections together. 

It’s a unique and sentimental decoration.

25+ Ideas for What to Do With Old Christmas Cards

17. Craft a Card Basket

Fashion cards into a basket. 

Cut into strips and weave pieces together.

It’s perfect for holding holiday treats or as a decorative centerpiece.

18. Design a Table Runner

Cut cards into strips and glue them onto a sturdy backing. 

This DIY table runner will add a festive touch to your dining table.

19. Transform into Place Cards

Make personalized place cards for your holiday table settings. 

Cut cards into tent-style cards and add your guests’ names.

20. Craft a Christmas Card Tree

Create a small tabletop Christmas tree.

Cut cards into progressively smaller shapes and stack them to form a tree shape.

25+ Ideas for What to Do With Old Christmas Cards

21. Create a Paper Mache Project

Tear cards into small pieces and use them for paper mache projects.

Create one-of-a-kind ornaments or sculptures.

22. Design a Card Pillow

Craft a unique pillow by sewing together card sections. 

It’s a quirky and sentimental addition to your holiday decor.

23. Make a Card Banner

String together cards to create a festive banner. 

Hang it on your wall or fireplace for a touch of holiday spirit.

24. Upcycle into Jewelry

Turn small sections of cards into jewelry, like earrings or pendants. 

Seal them with Mod Podge to make them last.

25. Create a Christmas Card Puzzle Cube

Cut your old Christmas cards into small, equally-sized squares.

Glue them onto a Rubik’s Cube for a festive touch to this popular game.

25+ Ideas for What to Do With Old Christmas Cards

26. Craft a Card Collar for Wine Bottles

Turn your cards into decorative collars for wine bottles. 

Cut a strip from the card and create a circular shape to fit around the neck of the bottle. 

It’s a charming way to present wine as a gift during the holiday season.

27. Design a Christmas Card Journal

Repurpose cards by transforming them into a holiday-themed journal or notebook. 

Cut the cards into a desired size and bind them together. 

Use it to jot down your holiday memories, gift lists, or even as a recipe book for holiday dishes.

25+ Ideas for What to Do With Old Christmas Cards

Ideas for Old Christmas Cards

Don’t let those old Christmas cards go to waste!

Get creative and repurpose them into beautiful, eco-friendly decorations and keepsakes. 

Make ornaments, coasters, or even jewelry and give them a new life.

These 25+ ideas will add a festive and personal touch to your holiday decor and gifts.

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