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How to Organize a Chest Freezer

Take a look at how you can organize a chest freezer!

Chest freezers can come in handy if you like to stock up on frozen goods, buy in bulk, or meal prep.  While they are great for extra frozen storage, chest freezers can sometimes have you digging around endlessly into the freezing cold.  And let’s be real here, it is not a good time for anyone. 

Organizing a Chest Freezer

Believe it or not, chest freezers can be organized, and we’re going to walk you through just how easy it can be.  Once your freezer is stocked neatly, it will change your life and you may even save some money!

So, let’s get that chest freezer organized!

Chest Freezer Organization

Choose A Freezer

If you don’t already have a chest freezer and are looking to purchase one, take the time to explore all of your options. 

Chest freezers come in a variety of sizes and colors for you to choose from.  This lets you pick the size and style that will be perfect for both your needs and your space. 

Chest freezers are available in small or compact sizes that are about 5-9 cubic feet.  The next size up is a medium freezer, giving you roughly 12-18 cubic feet of storage.  Finally, there are large chest freezers that offer more than 18 cubic feet of space. 

To give you an idea, small or compact freezers are a great size for a family of up to four.  Of course, it will all depend on your personal freezer needs when selecting the best size freezer. 

Also, try to keep in mind that a full freezer is more energy-efficient than one that has a lot of empty space.

Organizing a Chest Freezer

Sort Frozen Items

Now that you have your freezer, it’s time to sort all of your frozen food items that you want to store in there. 

Categorize each item by type or in a way that works best for you. 

An idea for grouping would be to have categories like meats, veggies, meal-prepped bags, desserts, and so on.

Organize Frozen Foods

Now that you have all of your frozen items in groups, they can be organized!  Take each group and put them into their own storage bin. 

It’s key to make sure that the bins (or baskets or boxes) you choose will fit nicely into your specific freezer.    

Don’t forget to label everything! Label bags with what’s inside and when it was made/placed in the freezer. Label the bins so that you can keep everything consistently organized. Our motto is that if it can be labeled, label it! (And we believe everything can be labeled!)

Organizing a Chest Freezer

Stock the Freezer

With all of your frozen foods sorted and organized into bins, it is time to stock the freezer.  A good way to arrange your bins is from bottom to top in layers. 

Store the items less used on the bottom, and the most used items on the top. 

The layering system is the perfect way to keep your chest freezer organized over time.

Organizing A Chest Freezer

As you can see, organizing a chest freezer is pretty simple.  Taking the time to sort, organize, and arrange all of your frozen items will save you time and money in the long run.  So, why wait any longer?  Let’s get that chest freezer organized!

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