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Best Ways to Organize a Woman’s Closet

Girlfriend, get your closet organized! Here are the best ways to organize a woman’s closet that don’t take all weekend – or all paycheck!

The Best Way to Organize a Woman's Closet -

Closets can often become a bit of a time-capsule, as well as a catch-all for things that we don’t use on a regular basis. Periodically cleaning out our closet and finding ways to organize things so it is a functional space is so important!

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It saves us time when we need to get ready and even can make us feel calmer as we’re searching our closet for the right item. Here are a few of the best ways to organize a woman’s closet and some unique ideas to create the perfect home for everything.

Best Ways to Organize a Woman’s Closet on a Budget

Let It Go

Channel your inner Elsa and let it go! Purging your closet is a necessity that most of us struggle with.

As much as we REALLY want to squeeze back into those favorite jeans from before our first pregnancy, the reality is we probably aren’t going to and if we do, they’re going to be hopelessly out of style.

The Absolute Best Ways to Organize a Woman's Closet  -

Put your big girl panties on and set rules for what you’ll keep and what must go – and then stick to them!

The backwards hanger method is a great rule of thumb for things that you have doubts about. Put questionable items on a hanger and turn it backwards in the closet. Come back after a set amount of time (weeks or months), and, if the hanger is still backwards, you know you really don’t wear that item. That’s when it needs to hit the donation pile.

Sort Seasonally

Sort your clothing by season to maximize space. Packing away heavy sweaters and coats in the summer and storing your shorts and sundresses over the winter will help you create space and make the most of your closet all year round.

Items that can be used year-round, like cardigans, your little black dress, and similar things, can keep their permanent home in the closet. Your other clothes will be jealous.

Hang by Length

Keeping all your shorter items, like tops and sweaters, in one area of the closet will give you space underneath for more storage.

You can hang another rod, put in a small shelving unit, or even squeeze in a low dresser, depending on the size of your closet. Hello, additional storage!

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Use Floorspace Wisely

Closet floorspace is always at a premium. Take a look at what is on the floor of your closet and see if there are other solutions. Shoes can be put into hangers on the door or put into bins on shelves. Non-clothing items might be able to make their way to a shed or attic.

The Secret to Organizing a Woman's Closet so That It Works! -

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Keep a Donate Bin Handy

Have a specific box or bin always available to drop in items that you try on throughout the year that just don’t fit. That way, when you do your regular purge, you won’t have to sort back through those items and you’ll save yourself a bit of time.

A hanging laundry bag works great for this!

Fun Closet Organizing Ideas

Towel Rods – Install towel rods on the side of your closet or on the back of the door and tie on scarves or use S-hooks to hang purses and long jewelry.

Accordion Racks – Accordion racks are another great idea for storing purses, long necklaces, and other accessories.

Upside Down Shelf Brackets – Create more space to hang items like pants by hanging a shelf bracket upside down.

Shelf Organizers – Use shelf dividers to help keep stacks of clothing from falling over or to designate spaces for specific item types.

The Best Ways to Organize a Woman's Closet on a Budget -

The Best Kept, Not-so-Secret Ways to Organize a Woman’s Closet

The greatest secret ever about how to organize a woman’s closet? Make the closet just about the things that she wears.

When the closet is organized for what’s used vs. what she owns, a woman’s closet will suddenly become a functional, organized space.

Try it!

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