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How To Organize Random Junk

Got junk?  Don’t we all!  Check out some ways to organize your random junk!

We all have it.  Some would call it junk.  And some would just call it random bits, or maybe, odds and ends.  You know what it is.  It’s those items that we think we may need at some point.  Or the things that we like, but we aren’t exactly sure what to do with.  Some of us have them in a junk drawer or a catch all drawer.  And, believe or not, some of us have entire rooms dedicated to these random things.  Well, don’t sweat it any longer, because we have found a few ways to take that messy junk mound and turn it into a neatly organized pile of oddities. 

Take a look at these awesome ways to organize junk!

How to Organize Random Junk

How to Organize Random Stuff

Check It

Get everything out in the open, so you can see what you have.  Empty that junk drawer on the table and go through everything!  It’s obviously going to be a bunch of random bits, but if you can, group some things together.  Items like batteries, rubber bands, take out menus, and more can be separated into their own groups.  This will make putting all those odds and ends in order much easier.  You may even find things in there that got mixed up in the junk drawer by accident! 

Purge It

While you are taking inventory and sorting through your miscellaneous junk, take notice of the things you can toss and get rid of them.  Don’t overthink it.  Just purge.  Condiment packets?  Trash them.  Really, who knows how long they have been in there!  Expired coupons?  You can’t use them anymore.  Throw them out.  Random staples?  In the garbage!  This will unclutter your space and make it easier to get your junk in order.

Clean It

Now that your junk drawer or space is empty, take a minute to clean it.  Wipe it out for a quick dusting, then use a spray cleaner and give it a good scrub down.  You can also take this time to add a liner to the drawer and make it pretty.  Having a lovely junk drawer just might be the key to keeping it organized, you think?

How to Organize Random Junk

Store It

It is time to neatly arrange your random items back into place.  There are quite a few storage options that are perfect for odds and ends.  Expandable organizers and sectioned organizers are great for junk drawers.  Even ice cube trays and muffin tins make awesome divided drawer storage for your oddities.

As you put back your random items, remember the idea is to be able to see what you have with a glance.  Keeping all your odds and ends visible is key to having organized random junk.    

Maintain It

Your bits and pieces look good now, so next comes the easy part:  Keep it that way!  Go through you junk on a regular basis and get rid of what you don’t need, what’s expired, and what’s broken.  This will not only make room for new odds and ends, but also keep your random junk organized. 

How to Organize Random Junk

How To Organize Junk

So, pretty easy, right?  Now that you know you can organize your random junk in just four simple steps, you can get started.  Have fun organizing! 

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