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How to Store Inflatable Decorations

Properly put away blow-up decor with these quick tips on how to store inflatable decorations. 

How to Store Inflatable Decorations

Setting up inflatables is a great way to celebrate any season. Whether it’s a giant pumpkin, colorful presents, or even a cheerful bunny, blow-up yard decorations are definitely a big thing everywhere.  

Many inflatable decorations are self-inflating and some have the ability to light up or move in some way or another.  While all these features are super cool, making them last year after year can be a challenge.  From twinkling snowmen to a waving Santa Clause, caring for your holiday inflatables is easy when they are put away properly.  

Storage Solutions for Inflatable Decorations

No matter how you choose to pack away your inflatable at the end of the season, there are a few basic things you should do before putting it into storage. 

First, clean the inflatable by wiping it down with a damp towel. 

Next, close any zippers or vents and deflate it. 

Then, carefully roll up your inflatable and wind up any electrical cords.  Secure the cords with a zip tie or twisty tie so they don’t come unraveled. 

After that, collect any miscellaneous pieces that are not connected to the main inflatable and put them in a zip lock baggie. 

Once all of that is complete, you are ready to put your blow-up decoration and all of its parts into safekeeping.  

Now, let’s have a look at some simple storage solutions that will keep all of your inflatable decorations looking like new!

How to Store Inflatable Decorations

Original Packaging

At the end of the season, return your inflatable back to its original packaging.  Keeping it in the box it came in will ensure that you have all of the necessary parts.  This includes instructions for inflating and deflating, random pieces, and maybe even a manufacturer’s warranty should anything go awry.  

Storage Bin 

A storage bin with a lid is the next best option for packing up your inflatable when you don’t have the original box.  This will ensure that your big blow-up will remain dry and damage-free until the next season.  The right bin will be big enough to hold your inflatable, all its miscellaneous parts, and also have a space where you can label the container so you know exactly what’s in there.  

Heavy Duty Bag

If you don’t have a storage bin, consider using a heavy duty bag.  This type of storage option is water-resistant, durable, and will keep dust and debris off of your inflatable until next year.  Storage bags are the perfect alternative to plastic bins as they are lightweight, sturdy, and multi-functional.  

How to Store Inflatable Decorations

Rolling Duffel Bag

Store your inflatable in a rolling duffel bag.  This storage bag is constructed from a durable canvas, has wheels for easy moving, and is big enough to store more than one blow-up decoration at a time.  Roll up and roll away your inflatable in a snap this holiday season with a rolling duffle bag. 

Inflatable Decoration Storing Ideas

Keep your blow-up decorations looking good as new with these inflatable decoration storing ideas.  Fun for just about every holiday, inflatables stored properly will entertain your family and neighbors year after year.

How do you store your inflatable decorations?

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