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Awesome Closet Organizer Ideas to Easily Do This Weekend

Does looking in your closet cause you stress? It doesn’t have to be that way! Use these closet organizer ideas to get the closet mess cleaned up easily this weekend.

Awesome Closet Organizer Ideas to Easily Do This Weekend -

When it comes to closet organization, it can seem overwhelming and stressful. Closet organizers are expensive, and while they do a good job, you can easily organize your closet without the expensive systems. Try these ideas on how to organize your closet and distress!

Closet Organizer Ideas

Make the Most of the Space

When it comes to getting things organized, you need to think about all of the available space. There’s space on the floor, space on the hanging bar, and space on the shelf above. You want to use all of these spaces. 

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Awesome Closet Organizer Ideas to Easily Do This Weekend that Rock! -

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Double Hanging Rod

Make the most of your hanging space by creating a double hanging bar. Honestly I didn’t even think of doing this for years. Then after I realized I could I was kicking myself for not doing it sooner.

It is super easy to hang the second bar in your closet. Get a tension rod, available at any hardware store or big box store – I got mine from Walmart.

Pre-Sale of Weekend Room Declutter Challenge

Decide how much space you need for the first hanging bar. Most clothing only comes down halfway from the hanging bar to the floor. Take the tension rod and put it in below your existing bar. Tada! Now there is twice as much hanging space. 

If a tension bar won’t work in your closet, there are these types of hanging rods that hook onto your existing bar and work great. Just make sure your top bar is securely anchored in to the closet.

Closet hanging bar extenders make tons of extra space. -

Hanging Tank Tops and Accessories

Tank tops and accessories are the things that are hard to find space for – at least for me. All of them are hard to hang and hard to organize.

A fun, easy, and inexpensive way to store them is to use plastic or metal shower curtain rings. Loop the curtain rings through a strap of the tank top or necklaces. Then take each shower clip and attach it to a sturdy hanger. It’s an easy way to keep everything organized!

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Awesome Closet Organizer Ideas to Easily Do This Weekend - The Organization House -

Make it Match

There is something about matching things that automatically creates the illusion of a neater closet. Use matching hangers, matching baskets, and matching totes to make the space look more organized. 

You could also organize your clothes by color to create a neater appearance.

Label Everything

Any kind of storage box or bin should be labeled. When it is labeled, it looks neat and it helps you quickly find what you need. 

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The Organization House Resource Library -

Use the Walls and Door

When thinking of extra closet space, there is unused space on the door and on the walls. Use this space to hang baskets and extra hanging hooks to create more storage options.

These storage baskets are great for small things that do not hang, like accessories, belts, ties, scarves, and other small items that need a place. 

Closet Organizer Ideas That Work

So get ready to tackle your closet this weekend and get organized. You’re going to feel amazing on Monday morning when you can quickly and easily find what you’re looking for!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.