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How to Create a Family Command Center

Reduce clutter and keep track of schedules with a family command center!

How to Create a Family Command Center

From after-school activities to daily meal plans, staying on top of everyday events can be a real challenge.  Not just for yourself, but when you have an entire family to keep track of, things can feel a bit all over the place.  Take charge and design a command center to help get all the important things in order and organized.  

A family command center is a wonderful way to oversee things like events, outings, chores, and more.  It’s essentially a one-stop shop that shares what the game plan is for the day, week, and even the month.  A command center also provides a place where an “on-the-go” household can relay important information, distribute mail, and share accomplishments.

Let’s explore some components of a command center to see if this is something that can work for you and your family. 

How to Create a Family Command Center

Family Command Center Components

Pick the Best Spot for a Command Center

First things first, you’ll have to choose a good place for your command center.  The best spot will be in a central location of the house.  It will be where everyone gathers, walks through, or takes notice of.  If you’re unsure where, some really good places for a family command center include the kitchen, dining room, or foyer.  The most important thing about selecting a location for your command center is to make sure that it is easily accessible to all members of the household. 

Determine What Will Go in Your Command Center

There are a number of different items that you can include in your family command center.  Finding pieces that will work best based on your family’s needs is key.  Below are three elements that we think are necessary for every family command center.  Let’s take a look!  

How to Create a Family Command Center

Calendar or Schedule

A calendar or schedule is something every command center must have.  It can quickly provide information about each person in the family, what they are doing, and when.  A great way to set up a family calendar is to use color codes or a bullet system.  If your family relies more on technology than the old-fashioned written way, perhaps a digital scheduling system might work best to keep everyone on the same page.  

Dry-Erase Board or Chalkboard

Use a dry-erase board or a chalkboard to leave a message, reminder, or just a fun doodle for the family.  Dry-erase boards and chalkboards are also great for keeping a running shopping list, daily meal plans, or chore checklists.  

Hanging Filing System

Use a hanging filing system for important papers.  Keep all documents in one place, from house bills and receipts to school permission slips and homework assignments.  Taking advantage of a hanging filing system will make it less likely for essential papers to get lost in the daily grind.  

How to Create a Family Command Center

Have Fun with It

While setting up a family command center involves a combination of both necessary tasks and exciting adventures, you’ll want to make sure it feels inviting.  Have fun with the setup by designing it in a way that encourages your family to stop, look, and take part in.  A couple of simple ways to do this include adding family photos or painting the area a bright color. 

Creating a Family Command Center

The whole idea of a family command center is to keep everyone on the same page.  From daily activities to scheduled family time, everyone in your household will know what the happenings are and when.

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