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How to Organize a Fridge

Learn how to organize a fridge in a few simple steps!

Fridge organization is so important.  Without it, you could end up with expired condiments, old leftovers, and moldy vegetables. 

How to Organize a Fridge

Organizing your fridge can prevent all of this, saving you time and money.  These quick and easy ways to get your fridge in order will have you wishing you did it sooner!

So, let’s get started and organize your fridge.

Organizing a Fridge

Empty and Wipe Down

Before you can get your fridge in order, everything must come out for a thorough cleaning and sanitizing. 

Remove all food items, as well as the racks, drawers, and shelves if possible.  Using a disinfecting wipe or spray, clean up dirt, stains, and spills within the fridge and on the doors. 

Wipe down and sanitize all the removable holding compartments and shelves and return them to their spot in the fridge. 

At this point, it’s also a good idea to find a place for a deodorizer, such as baking soda, to keep your fridge fresh. 

Now that the fridge is clean and disinfected, food items can be placed back into the fridge nice and neat.  Let’s start with one section and keep going until everything has a home.  

How to Organize a Fridge

Top Shelf 

The best items for the top shelf in the fridge are drinks and other liquids.  Items like milk, creamer, juice, maple syrup, and maybe even sauces can have a great home on the top shelf.   

Middle Shelf

Leftovers, grab-and-go prepared snacks, deli meats and cheeses, and eggs are good on the middle shelf. 

These items typically have a shorter shelf life, so keeping them around eye level helps them to be seen and get used before they expire.  

Bottom Shelf

The bottom shelf is great for items such as raw meats and other meal prep ingredients.  Keep in mind raw meats need to be stored properly to prevent unhealthy contamination. 

It may be a good idea to keep each raw meat in its own separate container until it is ready to be cooked.  

Crisper Drawers

These drawers are for fruits and veggies.  Most of them have a temperature/humidity control to keep your items fresher longer. 

Most fruits need to be stored in a low humidity environment, while leafy greens and veggies are better in a high humidity drawer. 

Keep these drawers clean by lining them with paper towels before stocking them with your favorite fruits and veggies.   

How to Organize a Fridge

The Door

Because the warmest part of the fridge is the door, it’s best to store less perishable items here.  Items such as salad dressings, mayo, mustard, ketchup, hot sauce, pesto, and pickled foods are perfect for fridge door storage. 

Try keeping like items together to maintain a more streamlined look.

Helpful Organizers

Sometimes, keeping a fridge in order means adding a few useful organizers that the fridge didn’t come with. 

One organizer to consider using is a lazy susan.  This is helpful for items like open pickle jars and condiment bottles, which make them easily accessible with just a spin. 

Another great storage option is a hanging basket.  They can be hung under a shelf or suctioned to a wall to keep loose items like string cheese or meat sticks in one place. 

Bins are also very helpful for storing small items together that are in pouches or bags, such as applesauce and go-gurt.   

How to Organize a Fridge

Fridge Organization

Keeping your fridge neat and tidy doesn’t have to be a challenge.  Now that it’s in order, all you have to do is keep that way.  Give it a good once over, about every three months to maintain its cleanliness and enjoy your newly organized fridge!

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