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How to Organize a Greenhouse

Make your greenhouse greener with these amazing ways to organize a greenhouse!

Did you know that by having an organized greenhouse, you increase your chances of having happy and productive plants?  Yes, it’s true!  By putting a bit of thought into the layout and design of your greenhouse, your flowers, vegetables, and herbs will live their best lives! 

So, let’s not waste any more valuable time and get started learning ways to arrange and organize your greenhouse!

How to Organize Your Greenhouse

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Tips for Organizing a Greenhouse

Get in the Zone

Divide your greenhouse into sections or zones. 

Establish designated areas for working, storing, growing, and eliminating. 

First, you will want to create a space specifically for your potting bench and table.  This will be where all the action happens. 

Second, you’ll need an area close to your workspace specifically for garden tools and other necessary growing supplies.  Items such as hand shovels, soil, water, spray bottles, and plant food should be close to your potting bench, easily accessible, and within reach.  This organizer is what we use (and love!) in our greenhouse:

Third, you will want to take notes on how the natural light is distributed throughout the greenhouse during the day.  Take advantage of this information by placing plants in spaces that are best for their lighting needs.  

Finally, you will want an area to eliminate all of your rubbish.  Use two bins to separate waste as you go:  one for compostable plant scraps and one for general trash.  This will help to keep your greenhouse clean as you work. We love this compost bin:

How to Organize Your Greenhouse

Put it on a Shelf

Maximize the space in your greenhouse by going vertical with shelves.  Greenhouse shelving ideas like tiered shelves, hanging shelves, and adjustable shelves are some of the best organizing options for plants. 

Whatever type of shelves you choose for your plant storage, consider a slatted design.  This will allow light to filter through, air to circulate, and water to drain. 

Going up with shelves will keep floor space open and maintain order in your greenhouse.

We love this shelf:

Store it in a Box

Greenhouse storage boxes are perfect for keeping items neatly out of the way.  They can be easily tucked underneath greenhouse benches or set atop a shelf. 

Boxes can hold a number of items from small seed packets to large bags of fertilizer. 

Stacking bins and sealable containers are a great option for greenhouse storage boxes.  Not only do they keep your items hidden, but also they keep your gardening necessities safe from insects and other possible greenhouse pests.

Pro Tip: We love using sealable glass jars, because when we’ve used plastic in the past, mice found their way into the containers, and, well, it didn’t go well. These are the jars we use for storing seed packets and all of the small things we don’t want little visitors to consume:

Hang it Up High

Fill that empty space above your head with rods and hooks for hanging plant baskets.  Buckets or bins storing small garden tools can be suspended, as well.  A clothesline with clothespins also works great for hanging drying herbs, gardening gloves, hand towels, and work rags. 

How to Organize Your Greenhouse

Label Your Loves

Identify your greenery with labels.  Plant markers will help you to know what you are growing and how to grow it.  You can buy already made labels or make your own plant makers from items you already have on hand.  Your labels can include information like plant name, lighting recommendations, watering needs, and so on. 

Organizing Your Greenhouse

An organized greenhouse will have a positive impact on both you and your plants.  You’ll be happier spending time working in a tidy space and your beautiful plants will flourish!

Now that you’ve taken the time to learn a few ways to organize a greenhouse, go get organizing! 

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