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Where to Keep Keys

Got a lot of keys?  We do too!  Check out these nifty spots where you can keep keys!

Keys. We all have them, and it’s never just one key, is it?  No, it’s lots of keys.  Even for the same thing.  House keys, car keys, mailbox keys, garage keys, shed keys, spare keys.  So. Many. Keys.  So, where do we keep all these keys?  Let’s see…

Where to Store Your Keys

Some people like to keep their most used keys, such as the car key and the house key, in a place that is near the front door.  Other people might prefer to keep them in the hallway or the bedroom.  Or, if you’re anything like me, I just toss them in my bag (or purse) and that’s that.  

There is most definitely no right or wrong place to keep your keys.  It’s wherever you feel the most comfortable leaving them.  Let’s talk about a few different places to keep keys and how to keep them organized in that perfect key place!

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Where to Keep Keys at Home

By the Door

The most common place for keys that are used every day, is usually by the door or entranceway.  Wall hooks or hanging key organizers are great for keeping keys together neatly by the door.  Group them by priority, label, and hang them up!  Done!

In the Hallway

The hallway or foyer is another good spot for keys.  While you could go for the hooks and hanging key organizers here as well, you might also have an open spot for a small buffet or half table.  Place a decorative basket or bowl on the table as a home for your keys.  Keep the frequently used keys here.  Other keys that aren’t used as often can be kept in a separate tabletop basket.  If the buffet has a drawer, seldom used keys can be stored there instead.

Where to Keep Your Keys

In the Bedroom

The bedroom is a good spot too!  Place the keys you use daily, like the car and house keys, on the bedside table.  The keys that are used rarely or once in a while, can then be tucked away inside of a nightstand, armoire or dresser. 

Keeping keys in the bedroom is a great idea, not only for personal reasons but for security, as well.  Should you ever have an emergency in the middle of the night, whether a health issue or a possible break-in, reach for your car keys and press the panic button. This will set off the alarm and let others know you need help or it could even deter a potential burglar!

In Your Bag

If you carry a bag of sorts wherever you go, this might be where you like to keep keys.  You can just toss them in, use a key clip, or maybe you would prefer a key wallet.  Whether it’s a purse, satchel, or fanny pack, keeping your keys in your bag may work best for you.

Hidden Away

Secret keys need to be just that, secret.  Whether it’s hiding a spare house key outside, or concealing a key to the safe inside your home, there are plenty of obscure options to choose from.  For example, an extra house key can be hidden outside in a plant, in a rock key holder, tucked into vinyl siding, or even in your neighbor’s yard, if that’s okay with them. 

Hide away important keys inside the home with various secret compartments.  Diversion safes such as bogus electrical outlets and fake soup cans are perfect to stash keys in plain sight and have no one the wiser.

Where to Store Your Keys so You Don't Lose Them

How to Keep Keys Organized

The best place to keep your keys is up to you!  Wherever you decide, organize them by keeping the everyday keys separate from the seldom used keys.  From there, you can categorize your keys with different key rings or make them easily identifiable with unique tags or colored tops.  

Where and how do you think you’d like to keep keys?

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