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How to Make More Space in Your Room

Wondering how to make more space in your room? These simple tips and tricks can open up a world of space-saving possibilities!

How to Make More Space in Your Room - Organization Hacks -

How to Make More Space in Your Room

Creating space where there simply is none can seem a daunting, if not impossible task. When you have a small room – whether it is a bedroom, bathroom, or living area – making the most of the space that you have so that things do not feel cluttered and overwhelming can be very important.

That clean, uncluttered space can be calming and relaxing, rather than giving you the cramped and stressed feeling that you may feel with a room that is overwhelmingly full.

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Here are a few of our best tips for making more space in your room, no matter its purpose.

Ideas for How to Make More Space in Your Small Room -

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How to Make More Space in a Small Room

Purge Unused “Stuff”

As life goes on, we all have a tendency to collect a lot of “stuff” that we simply do not need.

Periodically take the time to consider all of your clothing, entertainment items, and other possessions and clean out the things that you do not need or use.

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Throw away or donate the items or sell them at a garage sale for some extra cash!

Invest in Multitaskers

Multitasking furniture and appliances can help you conserve space in any room.

A futon or sofa bed can turn a sleeping area into a living space.

A multi-purpose slow cooker/pressure cooker can take the place of several other small appliances, freeing up counter space.

A bench or ottoman that has storage space can be a perfect place to keep books, games, and other items.

Keep an eye out for other multi-purpose furniture items or appliances that can help you to reduce the space used for single-use items.

Use Vertical Space

Shelving units and hanging units can give you a ton of options for storage. Door space and corners, especially, are spaces that are underutilized in most rooms.

Amazon, big box stores, and specialty stores offer loads of items that are created just for people like you who need to make more space in rooms.

How to Make More Space in Your Room -

Find Creative Storage Solutions

Hit up Pinterest for some great DIY solutions and unique uses for other commonplace items for storage.

There are so many great ideas out there that will help you make the most of your existing space.

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Stacking hangers with complete outfits using soda can tabs or stringing wire on a picture frame to hang jewelry, scarves, or ties are just a couple of the creative ideas for storage that you can find to help create more space in your room.

Keep Things Organized

Organization and storage items are only a help to create space in your room if you use them!

Spend time each day tidying up and putting things where they belong, continually purging items that you no longer need or want.

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A clean and neat space always feels more spacious than a room that is messy and cluttered.

How to Make More Space in Your Room -

Make More Space in Your Room

Taking the time to stay on top of cleaning and organization can give the illusion of a larger area, making it more open and inviting even when you don’t have lots of room to work with.

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