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Tips for Spring Cleaning

Spring is just around the corner and with that comes the time for the annual spring clean. Loved by some, dreaded by many. Spring cleaning is one of those chores that can take a while but once finished, it is totally worth it.

Tips for Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

So, if you are thinking about tackling that winter dirt and grime, let us help you with a few spring cleaning tips and tricks.  

Room by Room

Taking on a full deep clean of your home seems like a great idea at the start. But, often 30 minutes in you realize that you may have taken on more than you can manage in the time allocated. It can then become an overwhelming chore that you are racing to finish .

Our tips for spring cleaning start here; be kind to yourself and set yourself some achievable goals. There is no need to clean your entire house all in one day. 

Work room-by-room. Tell yourself this morning I will deep clean the kitchen. Then make a list of everything that needs cleaning in that room – from the pantry shelves to the floor – and cross it off as you. This will help you avoid that overwhelmed feeling and give you a chance to celebrate your achievements as you cross items off your list.

This article contains affiliate links to products that will help you get organized.

Tips for Spring Cleaning

Clear the Clutter 

Before you begin cleaning, clear the clutter. This will make it easier to thoroughly clean your surfaces instead of working around piles of clutter. 

First, start by putting things back to where they belong. If you have laundry to put away, kids toys to tidy, or paperwork to file, do this. 

Then look around to see what else there is that’s taking up space on your surfaces. Consider whether you need these items because when it comes to maintaining cleanliness in your home the less you have the easier it is to clean. 

Be ruthless, ask yourself; when did I last use this? Is my life enhanced by this item? If I throw it away will I notice it’s gone? 

Top to Bottom  

Everyone’s spring cleaning ideas and advice differ slightly but one thing everyone agrees on is to start from the top and work down. 

There is no point in dusting light fittings, fans, shelves, and other high-up places if all the dust and dirt is going to fall down onto your freshly washed floors. So, start up high and work your way down. 

On this note, if you are finding it difficult to clean those hard to reach places then consider investing in an extendable duster. They are a super handy tool and it means you don’t have to bother with steps and ladders. 

Tips for Spring Cleaning

Final Thoughts on Spring Cleaning

Hopefully, these simple spring cleaning tips and tricks will help you get started and take on the task with a little less stress.

However, if you are still dreading the chore despite these spring cleaning tips then don’t forget help is out there! 

Cleaning services can be hired for reasonable prices. You may choose to hire a cleaner to come directly to your home, they can clean everything from the day-to-day things, to carpets, soft-furnishing and windows. Or you can arrange your laundry, rugs or curtains to be sent away for a specialist deep clean. 

However you decide to tackle your spring clean, we wish you a fresh and uplifting start to the season!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.