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The Best Pillow Storage Solutions

Organize your pillows with only the best pillow storage solutions!

The Best Pillow Storage Solutions

There are all types of pillows out there!  From decorative throw pillows to everyday bed pillows, keeping your cushion clutter to a minimum is best done with a few helpful storage solutions.    

If you haven’t done any research, there are actually some pretty amazing ways to store pillows. Whether you are looking to put seasonal pillows away until next year or you just want to get them off the bed or sofa while you’re resting, we’ve found several wonderful pillow storage ideas just for you. 

Keep reading to get some incredible ideas for pillow storage.

Ideas for Pillow Storage

Vacuum Bags

A super great way to store pillows for an extended amount of time is by packing them in vacuum bags.  The whole idea of vacuum packing is to get the air out.  By doing this, your items will take up less space which is ideal for storage. 

Vacuum storage bags are not only perfect for pillows, but they are wonderful for keeping other bulky items, such as comforters and blankets, away and out of sight. 

The Best Pillow Storage Solutions

Oversized Baskets

Oversized baskets are a functional, yet decorative way to stash your pillows. 

An ideal storage solution for your bedroom or living room, baskets provide a pretty place to contain your cushions temporarily.  Delightful decor that can double as storage is a definite win all around!

Storage Bags

Give your extra pillows a safe space with storage bags. They are easy on the pocket and can keep your pillows looking good while they are stored away. 

Pillow storage bags are made to keep the dust, dirt, and even bugs out of your favorite cushions. 

The Best Pillow Storage Solutions

Storage Bench

A really popular way to keep your pillows hidden in plain sight is by using a storage bench.  A storage bench can add to your decor while working as a place to pack away pillows at the same time. Toss them inside for long-term storing or perch them on top of the bench overnight. 

Cedar storage benches are a classic long-term option to consider as they will keep your pillows smelling fresh over an extended period of time.

Plastic Bins

A tried and true storage option for pillows and more are plastic bins.  Easily stackable, waterproof, and available in many different sizes, plastic bins will keep your pillows protected while they are in storage. 

Think about choosing a long and thin style of container that can be slid below the bed to maximize space.

The Best Pillow Storage Solutions

Pillow Fixtures

For a simple storage solution, use a pillow fixture to pile pillows up neatly.  This wooden or metal rack will keep your pillows off the floor while they’re not sitting pretty on the bed, sofa, or chair.  

Storage Solutions for Pillows

Help to keep your pillows in tip-top shape with these super storage solutions for pillows.  Whether you are looking for long-term storing ideas or a quick place to keep your cushions, one of these pillow-storing options should work for you!

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