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7 Cleaning Hacks for Tile Grout

Check out these seven incredible cleaning hacks for tile grout!

7 Cleaning Hacks for Tile Grout

Tile is the preferred material of choice in bathrooms and kitchens.  Why?  Because it’s pretty and easy to clean.  The grout between the tiles, however, is a whole other story!  Grout is a porous substance that is typically made of a lighter color.  We’re talking white, gray, or even sometimes, tan.  While it does its job well keeping those tiles in place, the color and composition of grout makes grime, stains, and mold quite visible.   

Keep your grout clear and dirt-free with some of these helpful cleaning hacks!   

7 Cleaning Hacks for Tile Grout

Helpful Hacks for Cleaning Tile Grout

Hard Bristle Brushes

Hard bristle brushes are the bees knees when it comes to grout cleaning.  They take a little bit of your elbow grease and give it superpowers.  Simply take some warm water and start scrubbing that grout in a circular motion with a hard bristle brush.  Wipe your work with a clean towel and you may be surprised at how nice the grout looks when it dries.  

Magic Erasers

Remove built up grime with magic erasers.  Dampen the eraser, squeeze out excess water, and give your grout a little rub-a-dub-dub.  You will see those dirty grout stains disappear right before your eyes, making cleaning tough stains way easier than you thought.   

7 Cleaning Hacks for Tile Grout


Vinegar is a truly magical liquid.  If plain old warm water doesn’t get your tile in shape, try adding in some vinegar.  Make a solution that is half warm water and half vinegar.   Spray on the grout, let sit for 5-10 minutes, give a scrub with that hard bristle brush we just talked about, and then wipe.  This combination cleaner is top notch at breaking down those stubborn stains in your grout.  

Baking Soda

Another tried and true remedy for dirty grout is baking soda.  Make a paste by blending one part baking soda to two parts water, and spread on the grout lines.  Spray on some of that vinegar solution and watch the magic happen.  Once it is done bubbling, scrub with a brush and wipe clean.  Combining baking soda and vinegar will have your grout clean in no time!

Hydrogen Peroxide

A household staple, hydrogen peroxide is also an excellent cleaner.  Use it alone or in combination with other things like baking soda.  Get a deep, deep clean by making a baking soda paste (like above), but with peroxide rather than water.  Whether you choose to use peroxide by itself or with a partner, grout grime doesn’t stand a chance!

7 Cleaning Hacks for Tile Grout


Get your tile grout in shape with OxiClean.  Whether you choose the name brand or go for a similar oxygen bleach, you’ll want to apply and let sit for a good 15 minutes or so.  Rinse with clean water and wipe with a clean towel.  OxiClean is a hardcore super hack for tough grout stains.  


When all else fails, chlorine bleach is the queen bee.  Bleach should really be a last resort that is used only in extreme circumstances.  Before you break out the bleach, make sure that the area you are putting the bleach on is free of all traces of previous cleaners, especially vinegar.  If you don’t know, even the slightest amount of vinegar, when mixed with chlorine bleach, can create a toxic gas that you definitely do NOT want to breathe in.  Also, it is important to note that chlorine bleach will erode grout over time, so only use it if necessary, and in small amounts. 

7 Cleaning Hacks for Tile Grout

The Greatest Tile Grout Cleaning Hacks

Cleaning tile grout doesn’t have to be a dirty chore.  Get at your grout with the greatest cleaning hacks out there.  With these seven tricks, you’ll have that grimy grout looking pretty in no time!

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