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Changing Table Organizer Ideas

Changing table organizer ideas help you control the clutter and keep your child’s room organized. Here are some of the best tips that worked for me when my three kids were little!

Changing Table Organizer Ideas to Help Organize the Nursery -

Changing Table Organizer Ideas and Tips

Keeping the changing table organized not only helps to keep the baby’s room feel tidier, but it is also an important safety issue!

Having everything you need stored conveniently at-hand lets you get everything done in one shot, always keeping your baby in arm’s reach. Remember to never leave your child unattended or out of arm’s reach on the changing table!

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As you’re organizing the changing table, you also want to make sure that the solutions you find make sense for your space and are easy to navigate. Sometimes things that look nice are not as convenient to use.

Here are a few simple changing table organizer ideas that you can use in your nursery that will help make diaper changes go a little more smoothly. They’re some of the best tips and tricks that have worked for our family!

Organize the Nursery! Changing Table Organizer Ideas that Actually Work -

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How to Organize a Changing Table

Use Bins and Baskets for Frequently Used Items

Place diapers, diaper cream, wipes, onesies, pajamas, socks, blankets, and other frequently used items into bins that match the color scheme of your nursery or bedroom.

As most changing tables have shelves, these can easily be tucked away underneath. When they’re organized, you can reach in to grab what you need.

Pro-Organizing Tip: Put together a bath basket to grab when it’s bath time and store it conveniently away on the changing table shelf.

Recycle Wipes Containers

Wipes containers are the ultimate organizing tubs! They can be easily reused to store small items and keep your changing table organized.

Little socks, nail clippers, hair brushes, wash clothes, tubes of diaper rash cream, and other things that can get lost in the shuffle are easily contained in an empty wipes container.

You can even use washi tape to decorate them to fit a theme!

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Try a Lazy Susan

A lazy susan is one of my favorite changing table organizer ideas! Put hand sanitizer, lotion, soap, shampoo, powder, and other items on the turntable and spin for easy access to the item you need.

While you can definitely use a flat lazy susan, I’ve found that a style with divided sections and higher outer edges makes it easier to sort small items and keep them organized. Raised sides and dividers also help prevent things from falling over as you turn the lazy susan.

Changing Table Organizer Solutions for Everyday Moms -

Hanging Diaper Holder

Free up some extra shelf space on your changing table with a hanging diaper holder. This was one of the first purchases I made when I was pregnant with my first. Truthfully, I had no clue what I was really doing but it seemed like a good thing to have. Little did I know it would be one of the best inexpensive investments that I would make for organizing the changing table!

With a hanging diaper organizer, diapers are easily accessed and there is more room in the built-in storage area of the changing table for the other items that you’ll need.

They are also great when you have little ones who want to help with baby’s diaper changing time, because they are easy for them to reach and hand to you.  

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Hanging Hamper

A hanging hamper can also be a great help for keeping things organized on the changing table. It makes it easy to just drop in dirty clothes as you take them off, keeping baby items together and cutting your sorting time when you need to do the wash.  

I’d suggest hanging it from the end of the changing table if possible rather than the side just so that it’s out of the way.

Divided Containers

Shallow dresser drawer organizers are another favorite for keeping changing table shelf space organized and tidy. They’re great for keeping items in a dedicated space so that you can easily find them.

Changing Table Organization Ideas -

Changing Table Organizers That Work

Remember, the best, most effective changing table organizer ideas are going to be the ones that work for you and your family. There is no right or wrong – it’s all about what works with your diaper changing flow. After all, having a baby is stressful enough, your changing table organization shouldn’t be.

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