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How to Organize Baby Clothes Easily

Babies bring so much happiness into our lives, but they also bring a lot of stuff! Here’s how to organize baby clothes easily so you don’t get overwhelmed!

How to Organize Baby Clothes When There Are So Many -

Having a new baby is hard enough, but when you try to keep their tiny things organized it can quickly become overwhelming.

Add in the lack of sleep you’re surely experiencing and this whole parenthood thing doesn’t quite seem like the books made it sound when you were pregnant. In fact, What to Expect When Baby Clothes Take Over Your Laundry Room seems like it would have been a far more useful title.

Whether you have the room or not, you have to figure out how to keep all of your little one’s things organized.

How to Organize Baby Clothes When You're Sleep Deprived -

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Sadly, baby clothes are one of the hardest things to keep organized. If you are wondering how to organize baby clothes, use these tips to get started. 

How to Organize Baby Clothes

Whether you have a small space or a large one, as a new parent, you’ll be left wondering how you’ll ever be able to keep things organized neatly. Baby clothes are especially hard to keep organized because they are small and don’t seem to fold or store as neatly as adult clothing. There are ways to make it work, so don’t lose hope!

How to Organize Baby Clothes in a Small Space -

How to Organize Baby Clothes in a Small Space

The way most people organize baby clothes is in baskets or drawers. Whether that means a dresser of baby’s own or just baskets on a changing table, finding a space that works for you is always best.

However, there are ways to get creative when trying to organize baby clothes in a small space. Here are some of my favorites.

Baskets on the Wall

If there is an empty wall in the baby’s room or anywhere in the house, hang baskets that can hold the baby’s clothes.

Have a lot of small baskets for each type of clothing: onesies, socks and hats, sleepers, daytime outfits. If all of that feels too overwhelming (and it just may!) just remember that sorting is more important than folding, so at least get the things in the right bins. Honestly, your baby doesn’t mind if his shirt has a few wrinkles.  

How to Organize Baby Clothes Effectively  -

In a Closet

While baby clothes are small, they can still be hung on hangers in the closet.

Another idea is to add small storage bins with drawers and keep them in the closet. This gives you more space in the closet without having to install expensive closet organizers that won’t work as the baby grows. 

Under Baby’s Crib

If you are short on space, it is time to use whatever space you can. Under the baby’s crib is a great place to store clothes that are just a little too big or a little too small.

If you do not have baskets or under bed storage, you can use old dresser drawers that are no longer being used. I often save drawers from dressers that are broken as I can find a lot of ways to repurpose the drawers for other uses. 

How to Organize Baby Clothes When You're Overwhelmed -

How to Organize Baby Clothes in Drawers

When keeping baby’s clothes organized in a drawer you want to think about groups. It is best to put like clothes together in a group and then add drawer dividers. You can buy drawer dividers like these – they’ll make your life so much easier!.

If you don’t want to buy drawer dividers you can use baskets instead. You can repurpose clean, empty cereal boxes or any boxes that you have on hand to make your own containers too!

How to Organize Baby Clothes Easily -

How to Organize Baby Clothes on 3 Hours of Sleep

Don’t wait until you are feeling overwhelmed with the mess and chaos to start working on getting organized. Try to have a system in place.

However, if you are already dealing with the mess, the tips above can help you keep baby clothes organized. 

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