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Solutions for Organizing Your Tea Bags

Discover different solutions for organizing your tea bags!

Solutions for Organizing Your Tea Bags

Taking the time to indulge in a warm cup of tea can give you some peace, comfort, and an all-over good feeling.  Whether you want to take a tea time out for yourself or you simply want to have tea on hand for your house guests, keeping your selection of teas in order is a good idea for a number of reasons.  

If you’re anything like me, you have a drawer full of tea bags randomly tossed in there all willy-nilly-like.  While this is a quick and carefree way to store your tea bags, it’s not necessarily the best.  Organizing your tea bags properly can actually extend the life and flavor of all of your tasty teas.  So, let’s make our tea the best it can be and give them a super storage solution.

Tidy up your tea with some of these terrific tea bag organizers!

Solutions for Organizing Your Tea Bags

Tea Bag Organizers

Bamboo Tea Box Organizer

This bamboo tea box organizer has eight deep compartments to keep your teas fresh and in order.  Its wooden frame with slide-out drawer, acrylic window, and magnetic closure make it an attractive countertop storage solution, while its sturdy construction means you can really keep it anywhere.

Farmhouse Tea Bag Tin

Store tea in this retro farmhouse tea tin.  With six sections holding up to fifteen individually wrapped tea bags (or over twenty loose tea bags), there is plenty of room for all of your favorite teas.

Tea Bag Caddy Dispenser

Beautifully organize and display your tea with this tea bag caddy dispenser.  Keeping tea time simple with an easy access opening at the bottom for your bags, this ceramic canister is both stylish and functional.

Stackable Tea Bag Drawers

This stackable tea bag drawer set can store tea bags, loose tea, and more.  With adjustable compartments, these clear acrylic containers can be set upright or turned sideways depending on your tea organizing preference.

Solutions for Organizing Your Tea Bags

Tea Bag Carousel

Show off your tea collection with this lovely lazy susan tea bag carousel.  Spinning all the way around, this rotating organizer can hold up to a hundred tea bags of your favorite flavors.

TeaStand Tea Bag Organizer

Store tea bags in this TeaStand organizer with removable clear bins.  Perfect for pantry or countertop storage, this cute caddy neatly holds more than six boxes of tea.  

Tea Canister Set

This delightful tea canister set is a simple storage solution for tea.  These ceramic containers separate the three most common tea flavors in a simple, yet sophisticated way for every type of tea drinker.  

Vertical Tea Bag Organizer

Create a tea station with this vertical tea bag organizer that holds tea cups too!  Versatile with a vintage look, this tea bag storage and mug holder works as a table centerpiece or as a compact tea corner caddy.  

Solutions for Organizing Your Tea Bags

Tea Bag Storage Chest

Display tea bags with this simple wooden storage chest.  With eight built in compartments, this tea bag holder makes all of the tea visible for easy selection.  

Tea Bag Drawer Box

This rustic tea bag drawer box makes organizing all tea collections really easy.  The paulownia wood frame, faux leather drawer, and acrylic dividers will fit perfectly into every style of home.

Organizing Solutions for Tea Bags

With this list of organizing solutions for tea bags, getting your tea bags in order has never been easier.  From tea bag boxes to tea bag carousels, storing tea can be both fun and functional.  Hopefully, one of these tea bag organizers will work for you.  Let us know!

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